Here’s why I’m bullish with Acudeen

Acudeen is a decentralized marketplace where sellers can post their invoices and have the funders (individuals/financial institutions) buy the receivables ahead of its maturity date thus providing liquidity for Small and Medium Enterprises “SMEs”.

Real World Application

Acudeen has an existing business! In fact it’s already operating since 2016 and this time Acudeen is using the Blockchain to solve real world problems. This is not just your ordinary ICO where we can just see them as a “startup” since Acudeen is not starting from scratch. Acudeen started on Philippines, and the business grew which enabled them to expand to Myanmar.

In a one pager presented by Acudeen, they already transacted 2.4M USD worth of receivables way back 2017! Acudeen is expecting to hit 25M USD before 2018 ends.

Talking about “real world problems”, Acudeen picks up those SMEs that are left by the banks. In my own explanation, banks tend to deal with large corporate clients rather than the SMEs since they can be sure that there will be profit in it. Also, since the banks are not able to verify whether that particular receivable has been transacted or financed by the other banks, they tend to transact with the large corporate clients. Due to these reasons the large portion of the market, which are the SMEs, remain unserved.

Acudeen will play a big role in this invoice financing market with its decentralized platform, I believe they can serve thousands or millions of SMEs soon. In the whitepaper, they said that it “has steadily been increasing across emerging markets and today represents more than US $1 trillion”. Specifically in Southeast Asia, Acudeen targets 10% of SEA’s market which is worth 218bln USD, while expanding upto 6 different countries by 2020.

How Acudeen differs from the other existing companies

In the whitepaper, “Acudeen’s platform is a hybrid combining Supplier-led and Buyer-led financing models, fully powered through decentralized blockchain technology.”This allows Acudeen to grab 90% of the supply chain financing ecosystem while Acudeen provides framework for the external parties to “directly offer value-added services related to the ecosystem”.

Check out this well made chart

Why use the stellar platform instead of ethereum/other platforms?

In my own opinion, stellar is a good platform since it is an open-source payment technology. So having Acudeen to use the stellar platform for integrating payments is a good choice! Well good news is that Acudeen is forming a partnership with Stellar to become a Stellar Anchor (based on whitepaper).

With the help of these anchors, people can trust those entities to hold their deposits and issue them credits in the Stellar network for their deposits. So even the prices go up/down the sellers/buyers receivables are turned into a stable token which is CryptoFIAT. For more info, refer to the pic below.

The team behind this great company!

At first Acudeen started with 5 members, and now it grew upto 60+ people as of February 2018. The combined experience of the founding team makes it up to 40 years of professional experience in “technology development, finance, data security, and digital media across many of the leading companies in the last decade”.

Roadmap and Achievements

The headquarter of Acudeen is on Singapore, from there they manage the geographic expansion and the transitioning of its exisiting business to the blockchain-based ecosystem.

Acudeen also won different kinds of achievements this past years

Here’s a tokensale summary brought to you by Acudeen ^-^

My conclusion

I’m bullish with Acudeen since it has an existing business already. I think this is good for long term holding. The team is great and active on participating such crypto related events. Also Acudeen has some partnerships already.

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