Earning while playing!?

How Axie Infinity became a living for some players

Get to know the real stories of Filipino players who found this blessing during the COVID-19 pandemic

Getting started


Earning while playing!?

Learn more here: https://axie.substack.com/p/play-axie-earn-aave

“covid diba.. 3 months kami wala hanapbuhay .. gang maubos na ung budget namin”


John’s story

“Graduate napo ako kuya, but, tambay sa ngayon since na nag ka pandemic so eto po ang ginagawa kong income since na hindi po nakapag ayos ng mga requirements before.”

Axie Scholarships

“I started the program to acquire more SLP for my breeding hobby without buying and doing it myself. I also want to provide opportunities as well for people to play for free and earn.”


How to cash out


“There’s no question in my mind that the interest in major cryptos will continue to grow, especially as the prices trend upwards. I fully expect Axie players to start looking into other aspects of cryptocurrencies as they become more familiar with the ecosystem and the industry at large.”

Where next?

DIGITAL 2020: THE PHILIPPINES by SIMON KEMP (left). Axie Infinity Marketplace users — roughly align with demographics for app users by Jiho (right).
GIF Source: https://medium.com/loom-network/loom-sdk-projects-axie-infinity-collect-breed-and-battle-fantasy-pets-on-the-blockchain-22e6fd11b410




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